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  Happy New Year! 
so far so good 1st 2nd 3rd.....ooops: )  
"2020 is hindsight"

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Thanks to all the loyal customers near and far for helping to make 2020 a very good year for the bees of Georgina.


Introducing a couple of successful new local
Home Grown Startups in Georgina

Natural Healthy Products

Check it out ---> Christmas is coming  : )

Georgina's Homegrown Brewery


    Buy Honey in Bulk from Mike's Honey

Buy Honey in Bulk from Mike's Honey or by the jar from the following local places. Clear and creamed honey is available.

Elaine at the Black River Cafe in downtown Sutton High Street
Loes at Elmgrove Organic Farm in Elmgrove
Sally at Sharon Creek organic farms on the 2nd con Newmarket
Dan at We Make Wine -Sutton
Danielle at Whipple Tree Gifts - Keswick South Freshco Plaza
Donah and Crew at Twig Garden Gifts Downtown Keswick

for the science nerds out there - this is an interesting read

and  another for families and educators


Mike's Honey was consumed to fuel champion Horse PL NOTSONICE
this summer.

Check out PL NOTSONICE's amazing track record as it annihalates a Canadian record.

A beautiful local Sunflower field August 2020

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