Hive Products

Our Wildflower Honey is natural and unpasteurized from hives located on organic beef and vegetable farms, and nature preserves. (locations). A three time first prize award winner at the Sutton Fair customers are delighted by the taste and aroma.

Great honey products at fair competitive prices

................"Good if you can get it"

Honey can be purchased at retail outlets in Georgina and farmer's markets across the GTA.

Wholesale bulk by the case of 12 jars and pails.
Sizes = 250g, 500g + 1Kg.

I will also fill your pails at my honeyhouse at bulk price.

Clear Wildflower Honey is our most popular item. An award winning honey that has distinct wildflower taste and aroma. Many use this honey daily to improve health and minimize environmental allergies

Creamed Honey is made at low temperature usually in the late summer when the evenings cool in our state of the art European Creamer. Creamed honey has all the great flavour and a creamy texture that is best for spreading on muffins and toast. Add cinnamon for a real taste sensation :)

Cut Comb Honey - absolutely raw natural honey in the honeycomb. A very limited supply and best ordered before July.

Propolis - is sold raw by the ounce or as a 20% tincture in honey brandy in 2oz dropper and spray bottles. The health benefits of propolis are just now being revealed in North America. It boosts the immune system and is often used to relieve gum diseases as well as cuts and scratches.

Pollen - the local pollen is a fantastic mix of colourful pollen from near bye species of flowers and trees

Beeswax - sold in small and large blocks to make candles, cosmetics, lotions and balms.
You would be amazed at how many natural ingredient products you can make from beeswax. I make a
leather water repellent and conditioner for my Burks and it works well throughout the wet months of the year.

Beeswax Candles - known for burning clean with a natural fragrance beeswax candles clean the ambient air in a room as well as generating negative ions that make you feel happy. Candles are sold by weight regardless of the style. Great value.
Numerous shapes to choose from.

Weddings and special events - are a growing aspect of our work. Together with customers we can help select the right container, sizes and offer graphic art services for labeling.