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Mike's Wildflower Honey is natural and unpasteurized from hives located on organic vegetable farms, and nature preserves. (locations)
As a three time first prize award winner at the Sutton Fair, the honey has gained a reputation among loyal customers who are delighted by the taste experience and health benefits Mike's Bees offers.

Fresh honey products at the best prices that have been stable since 2012.

Chances are if you see a Honey Bee in Georgina or Newmarket/Sharon/Wilfrid/Bloomington its one of Mike's Bees working for you, Mother Nature and local farmer's who benefit from the hard work of the Honey Bees. Everytime you use a
hive product you become a benefactor to your local bees.

Great honey products at fair competitive prices

Mike's Honey can be purchased at retail outlets,and farmer's markets in Georgina across the GTA.

Or give me a call and then drop by the honey house. I will show you the bees out back if you like.

Wholesale bulk by the case of 12 jars and pails.
Sizes = 250g, 500g, 1Kg, and 50lb pails.

I will also fill your own pails with clear honey at my honey-house in Sutton at a bulk price.

Call for prices on bulk purchases.
5 gallon pails with a convenient honey gate for resellers/bulk consumers are available in August and September.


Clear Wildflower Honey is our most popular item.
An award winning honey that has distinct wildflower taste and aroma. Customers across the GTA use this honey daily to improve health and minimize environmental allergies.

Infusing a small batch of your honey with herbs and spices is becoming popular and economical compared to commercial products. Make your own BBQ sauces or cough remedies and a variety of other honey edibles. Its really easy, economical and rewards your creativity.

Gifting with honey has become a popular dinner party favourite.

For cooking/baking/deserts let your imagination free.

Creamed Honey is made at low temperature usually later in the summer as a cooler temperature is required for honey micro-crystals to form in our state of the art European CreamerCreamed honey has all the great flavour and a creamy texture that is best for spreading on muffins and toast. Add cinnamon for a real taste sensation :)

The Nurse LED Practitioner Clinic in Sutton has recommended Mike's Creamed honey for cough relief and soothing a sore throat. Add your own ginger and or turmeric for great relief.

You can get it at Black River Cafe from Elaine the Coffee Goddess.

Cut Comb Honey - absolutely raw natural honey still in
the honeycomb. A very limited supply.
Sold in 250g trays.

If you want to resell comb honey then place an order by early mid-June as special combs must be inserted into the hives early in the season so the bees can make pure comb.

Propolis - is sold raw by the ounce or as a 20% tincture in honey brandy in 2oz dropper and spray bottles. The health benefits of propolis are just now being revealed. Propolis boosts the immune system and is often used to relieve gum diseases as well as speed the healing of cuts and scratches.

Pollen - the local pollen is a fantastic mix of colourful pollen from near bye species of flowers and trees. Blue pollen is common in Georgina due to the prolific Russian Squill (Scilla siberica)in the town that may have been introduced to the region by the Russian immigrants who founded a colony west of Sutton at Volga and Birch streets many years ago.

Eating pollen is nutritious and might be able to desensitize your body to airborne allergens.It has worked for me and my summer fall hayfever symptoms are gone.

My current reserves of pollen are local to a floral region similar to Georgina. Fesh local Georgina pollen will be available in the spring.
I will be making a special very limited batch of honey with pollen released in the wind before bees are flying from Alder
catkins for myself and others that have early spring allergies. Email me to ask how this is done and order before March.

How to spot local pollen: local Georgina pollen is highly varied in shape and colour due to the high diversity of flowers we have in the region.

Often pollen is shipped in from western Canada where most of the pollen is harvested from industrial farms growing GMO canola and corn.

Beeswax - $10/lb sold in small and large blocks to make candles, cosmetics, lotions and balms for friends and your pets!
You would be amazed at how many natural products you can make with beeswax. I make a leather water repellent and conditioner for my leather Burks and it works well throughout the wet months of the year. My daughter makes lip balms.

A great guide to making so many things with natural Beeswax is Beeswax Alchemy by Petra Ahnert which includes how to make candles, soaps, skin creams/salves custom wood polishes and so much more. Experiment making useful products for yourself and loved ones. Start with pure locally sourced beeswax at a great price.
It's easy to get started.

Beeswax Candles are known for a long clean burn and natural fragrance.

They cleanse indoor contaminates from the air and generate negative ions that make you feel happy and relaxed.

Great value. Numerous shapes to choose from. Special orders are welcome. Buy a block of wax make your own candles! You can also buy candles made from our wax at outlets in Georgina and Toronto.

Candles come in many popular forms - tea candles, votive, pillars, tapers, and festive themes.

The Whipple Tree Country Store in Keswick carries a full line of Mike's candle products.

Weddings and special events - wedding Together with customers we can help select the right container, sizes and offer graphic art services for labeling. Many soon to be wedded have fun decorating the jars in rustic style and find that fresh wildflower honey is a prized gift.


Honey is also a great conference swag and signals your support for the environment, local food production,and honey bees.

Destiny Web's conference goodie.



  Saving the Bees starts each fall with proper preparation of the hives before winter.

Wrapping the hives in a black wind/water resistant fabric is essential and the polystyrene roofs that minimize vapour condensation and keep the hives warm and helps remove stress form the bees that are struggling to maintain an internal hive temperature close to human body temperature.

Beehives in Ontario need about 70 lbs of honey to get through the long winter and the beekeeper must make sure each hive has that amount of honey in October.

The energy expended by a hive is about 40 watts the same as a candle when burning.




Lets hope we get a milder winter after 2018's brutal winter and spring.

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