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International buyers should be aware that it costs more for shipping than the honey itself.

Mike's Honey has shipped to Germany, Tokyo, Scotland, San Francisco, Vancouver, Burning Man, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Hungary, Campbell River, Ottawa

Creamed Wildflower Honey
is Ready!


Interested in propolis? Mike has prepared a propolis tincture this summer from propolis collected at Sharon Creek Farm.

$15/bottle of Propolis Tincture
$5/oz Raw Propolis

other products ...

Beeswax - $10/lb - New batch available
Beeswax Candles of various shapes and sizes are sold by weigth @ $15/Lb

Starter NUCS - $150 or $140 @ 5 or more limited availability , nucs will be ready second week of May 2017 your choice of Carnolian (recommended) or Italian queen imported from California

- 4 or 5 frames
: nuc box must be returned within 7 days

Native queens - sorry season over


~~If you use honey to moderate allergies select the honey that is from an apiary closest to your home from the directory below.

Georgina Honey Elixir - latest creation drop by for a taste

The 12 th batch of Creamed Honey is ready!

And I cannot keep up with demand.

The honey harvest ended mid September and creamed honey production started early October and has been recieved favourably by new and old customers.

Thanks to my sister Jen who helped in the honey harvest and moving a small apiary to keep the hives safe from varmints. Thanks to Max and Blaine for helping with the winterizing of the northern hives and renovating the Sanctuary hives in October.

contact Mike or Joanne for Honey
purchases -
or call

905 722 4324 - home

416 402 8150 - cell

Mike's Wildflower Honeys are raw and unpasteurized for great taste and healthy eating.
If your honey crystalizes in the jar simply place the jar in warm water (simmer) and it will slowly return to its clear liquid state. Honey keeps its wholesome characteristics up to 120*F or 47*C. near the same temperature in the hive when bees are curing the nectar into honey in July and August.

Buying Honey by the 12 jar case is your best value.

If you require bulk honey it can be sold in 60 lb pails for a low bulk price and I will install a quality honey gate on the pail to assist you decanting from the pail.

Wedding and party favours are easily accomodated by Mike. We are already taking orders for 2017.

Some interesting things about Bees
- Why are they important?



  • The new apiary at the Kydd site in Baldwin started with only one hive last April and currently hosts 20 hives and is producing a great crop of unique wildlfower honey. The wilderness along the Black River behind the Baldwin dam and the forests that range to the north east have flora that produces a wonderful wildflower honey flavour.

    Thanks again to Audrey and Ron Kydd for offering this great location.

Working in partnership to produce local varietal honeys at many unique locals.

The honey produced at the Gadsden Family Sanctuary is the sweetest and riskiest to produce.

In the first spring the Apiary was torn apart by hungry black bears emerging from hibernation.

With persistence and greater security the apiary rebounded into the producer of a uniquely sweet natural honey from flowers that grow season long in the Duclos Point Nature Reserve and the surrounding vegetable growing areas.

This unique honey has all the sweetness that wilderness can produce.

Where it all started along the banks of the Black River in Sutton Ontario.

This 3 time Sutton Fair first prize winning honey is unique.

Basswood tree blossoms, gardens in the town of Sutton, surrounding meadows and riverbanks edged by water lilies and purple loosetrife all summer contribute to its flavour.

Mike's Honey can be purchased from Dan at
Fellini Fine Wines
and Fitzcraft craftwares in Sutton.
Honey ,Wine, mmmmmmm.

Sharon Creek Farm is situated atop the slopes of the East Holland River near the historic locks at Roger's Resevoir in Newmarket.

Here the bees get a great spring start pollinating a variety of fruit trees that Sally Shearman grows on her organic microfarm which supplies produce to local restaurants and select clients. Summer and fall they are able to forage the rustic fields and river banks for wild flower nectar and a constant
steady flow of diverse garden flower nectars from nearbye urban landscapes.

Sharon Creek Farm honey has a wildflower and fruity flavour that tastes great.

If you are interested in keepng your food as organic as possible this is the honey you will enjoy.



This is our most remote apiary and after a bear attack was protected with an e-fence. Situated at the end run of glacial til near Wilfrid the surrounding lanscape is populated with flowers similar to the Carden Alvar, one of only several alvars in the world.

The Cedar Fields Apiary was started in June 2014 with queen cells and swarms caught in The Sanctuary over the summer. At the end of the summer 6 maturing hives of various strengths went into the winter resting period.

2015 was great year for honey production at the Cedar Fields and the honey tastes wonderful.

A great first year of 2015! One hive quickly turned to 7 strong hives with production almost as high as the more established apiaries.

The bees have access to a great deal of wildflower meadows in the dryer uplands as well as riparian flowers along the millpond at Baldwin Mills.

This unique ecosystem produces a wonderfully flavoured wildflower honey packed raw and unpasteurized.

Willow Springs Winery is situated a half Km east of HW48 on Bethesda Road just north of Stouffeville.

The small batch honey sold here is a blend of Mike's Honeys from hives directly north and south of the vineyards .

Drop by Willow Springs Winery and check out the great selection of Willow Springs VQA wines and other great vintages and of course Mike's Honeys.