Happy bees greet a new introduced Queen
To make a new hive combs are taken from a very
strong hive and after 2 days the bees realize they are Queen-less and become very agitated.
Then a new caged Queen is introduced into the hive and
immediately the worker bees become excited and begin fanning.


Still cold out. The graphics sprayed on the wrappers act as a way sign to guide bees back to "their" hive. Air traffic control in what will soon be a busy time. .


Max unwrapping hives at Sanctuary in April


Cannington Iron Works


Swarm in Backyard Hive 

Swarming colonies are not at all aggressive.

Sanctuary Apiary late afternoon August

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Survivor Queen Breeding


Rescued Capped Honey Bee Brood Comb
cut out from a shed and soon to be placed in a new hive box to start hive life again


Pyramids on the shore of Kydd Lake
lower Egypt, Georgina, ON, Canada
.....Site of the hive rehab and Queen breeding facility.

A Honey Bee nest in a shed
........ready for cutting-out

Candles made for The Whipple Tree Gift Shop


Marching Bees into a new hive in
King Township.


  Pure Natural Beeswax  

A beard of bees on a hot day in August

Home Base @ Black River Sutton ON


Can you spot the Queen bee on this Mini Comb ?


Bumble Bee nest
Relocated from a tool box on a drill rig to a tomato greenhouse at Elmgrove Organic Farms.
Notice the nest is made of synthetic threads the worker bees picked up from a nearby factory in the industrial park in Gormley. Normally the nest is made of milkweed silk/plant fibres and animal fur.

Highest Spot on the Oak Ridge Moraine
.......Bloomington ON Canada


Honey Bees see the world differently

The way a bee perceives colour is different than humans.
This helps them find their way to the flowers and back home and helps them forecast weather by seeing diffraction patterns in the clouds.


Setting up Jen's in King Township
The site is a 300 acre Heritage Organic Certified Farm where McKenzie King retreated with his men in 1837

.............Entrance to Brock Apiary

the bees had a great time pollinating a mile of lilacs


BONUS VIDEO ... GRAPHIC CONTENT AHEAD ....... it was a rainy day!

Watch as I have a close encounter with a lightning strike while catching a swarm

thanks to Andy on CPR : )

A stung Cupid complains to Venus after taking honey comb from a hive.
"The sweetness of life comes with thorns."

The 1066 Doomsday Census
offers historic insight into
Early English Beekeepers


Ontario Wildflower Honey

"Best honey in the World"