Support for Beepkeepers

Nucs - Nucs will be treated for mites before shipping out. Mated 2017 imported Carnolian Queens are used. This year's Queens are from Chile and California.

soldoutThe April delivery nucs are sold out!
Nucs will be available from midMay on
email me to order your nuc.

Email me!
Cost is
$150 each - 4 or 5 frames same price. Ordering nucs begins in January.

All nucs have been treated for mites.

An early start to a new hive will provide the best chance that you will harvest a good crop if honey the first year.

Local Queens - 2017 mated Queens will be available June, July + August only. $25

Interested in starting your own beehive? and have a place to locate?
I can give you a helping hand starting out. Email me!