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Local Hobby Beepkeepers 2018

sold out sorry early May Nucs sold out!

Nucs - Nucs will be treated for mites before shipping out. Mated 2018 imported Carnolian Queens. This year's spring Queens are from Chile and California.


Taking orders for early May nucs!
Nucs will be available from midMay onward.
Email me to order your nuc.

Email me!
Cost is
each both 2 choices to suite your needs

- 4 deep frames in a cardboard nuc box ... best for travelling a distance ... no return on cardboard box
or ...
- 5 deep frames in a
returnable wooden nuc box.

Ordering nucs begins in January.
$20 deposit each and supplies are limited

All nucs are made up from hives that have been well fed and treated for mites (Apivar)for 6 weeks in March/April.

An early start to a new hive will provide the best chance that you will harvest a good crop of honey the first year.

Always have your hive boxes ready in place before picking up your nucs for successful hiving.


Laying Queens

Ontario Queens will be available June 2018Replace AWOL or ailing Queens with hardy summer raised Ontario Survivor Queens for a great price.
Please call in advance for availability of a proven laying/caged Queen from my stock of Ontario Survivor Queens.

Local Queens - 2018 mated Queens will be available June, July , August, September only. $25 each

Interested in starting your own beehive? Have a place to locate?
I might be able to give you a helping hand starting out.

Email me!

One box overwintered hives "turbocharge the spring"
- will be available late April 2018.

One established brood box with ....

- inner cover
- telescoping outer cover
- bottom board
- 10 pulled comb deep frames with all stages of bee development/honey/pollen
- laying Ontario Survivor Queen.

Be sure to bring a rachet strap to secure the hive components while on the road to the new home.

You will need to add an upper box/10 deep frames and shortly there after a honey super and 9 shallow frames.

cost = $300. (very limited supply) will produce honey first year if stationed early

Starter Courses
I will be starting beginner courses in Georgina this April, May, and June 2018 after my college classes end. Small class sizes immediate hands on learning. If interested email me and and reserve a spot in one of our classes.

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