The nectar flow is on and honey will be ready beginning of July

Wow what a winter for the bees!
Up to 90% losses in some parts of Ontario/Canada/USA.

Fortunately my hives did much better. Perhaps this was due to new techniques which employ Sustainable and Regenerative methods started several years ago when it became very apparent there were looming issues with climate and our bees.

Currently all hives host healthy colonies and Queens and many are producing early honey.

Starting this summer 20% of Mike's bee colonies will be transplanted into the new hives that are used in Finland / Poland where the winter climate is much more harsh, yet the bees flourish there despite long nasty winters. Sustainable, regenerative techniques ensure a vigorous apiary system.

If the new hives seem to improve bee health and overwintering success I will continue with another 20% of the remaining hives next year and so on each year until all bee colonies are hived in warm and cozy hives.

The insulation factor as well as a balanced passive ventilation system also allows the bees to stay cooler in the summer without overworking themselves.

                         Build Back Better

There will be NO PRICE HIKES from last year (2021). 
So expect the same great value for award winning, local, Wildflower honey in

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Sweat bees are tiny, solitary and sip sweat to aquire water and nutrients. This one landed on me after work on a hot day at Kydd Lake in Egypt. This species of bee is native and perform a great deal of pollenation but are rarely noticed.

Sweat bee (halicida) Visitors and Backyard hives
    Homeward Boundwith a load of fresh Honey   A Green Grey Frog : )
Jen at work on Candles Bees Wax Candles
Mike and Dan Emotions Running High in Pefferlaw