Spring 2017 -crocus

May 6 2017 - it was a rainy day ... again

Caiti and I set out several new hives at Sharon Creek Organic Micro Farm.

We discovered that all the bees in Caiti's old hive had absconded which is the first case of Colony Collapse Disorder we have observed .... a completely empty hive. All the bees must have flown off just before winter started. Nobody knows yet why this has started happening in thelast 10 years. Very strange. Anyway a new colony was started and we hope for a great summer when this stretch of nasty weather is over.

New hives can be started by adding a nuc colony to the hive box.

Can you spot the new Queen bee?

Imported from Chile she is being protected, fed and kept warm by her retinue of worker bees.

March 21 Spring 2017 -crocus

Beekeeping has started again. This is the time of year to feed the bees pollen and fondant to help the hive raise young bees and to make sure they have enough water and fuel allowing them to stretch their wings for flying after confinement all winter.

Winter hive losses this year were about 12% which is good compared to provincial losses of 30% - 60%.
A hive needs about 70 lbs of honey to consume over the winter not enough and they starve.

An experienced beekeeper can renew hives in the first few weeks of May by catching swarms and raising queens and splitting very strong hives.

Season forecast for 2017

This year I plan to fill out a new apiary at Elmgrove Organic Collective as well as apiaries in Pefferlaw and Wilfrid where the bees bring home fabulous nectar from wildflowers growing on organic fields.

The Stouffville apiary in the last remaining
wild refuge in town was closed and has been bulldozed for the building of condos. The beat goes on.

Finally we mourn the passing of Linda, owner of the Wilfrid cedar farm and thanks to Andrew for his continued support for the bees. I know she would be delighted in knowing that her desire to help nature was fulfilled.

What better legacy?

Telling the bees read about an old custom regarding bees and their human friends......