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Last summer I built 6 - 6 frame polystyrene nuc boxes and stocked them with bees and Queens that I raised from Ontario survivor stock.

In the fall I banked them in 2 rows, installed low wattage heating strips controllable globally on an iDevices switch, wireless Bluetooth temperature monitors and provided lots of insulation against the cold.

When I was in Cartagena this winter I could monitor the weather conditions back in Georgina Ontario and augment the ambient temp of the nuc bank remotely.

So far so good, all nucs alive and I have learned quite a bit about how the bee clusters move around the hive in repose to external temperatures.

These survivor nucs will be marketed as 6 frame nucs with Ontario Queens in early May to local beekeepers and to replace any winter kills in other apiaries.

Wireless monitoring of winter hive temperatures ( F*)

This is a screenshot of the temperatures of 3 hives sent via BlueTooth

The outside temp is a frosty -20C* on Jan 30

The 25F* sample is the temp between 2 hives and

Bees keep their hives warm by essentially shivering all winter while forming a cluster around the Queen.

I have found that measured hive temperatures change as the cluster moves closer or further from the thermal probe in search of stored food and external temperatures.


Can you spot the new Queen bee?

Imported from Chile she is being protected, fed and kept warm by her retinue of worker bees

Caiti checking out a hive that has absconded.



March Spring 2019 -crocus


Max and I were able to witness a swarm that started while we were tending a northern apiary and managed to lure it down to a cedar tree. After the swarm regrouped we captured and relocated it successfully.

This swarm had just landed when my good friend Max jumped in to save them one cup at a time and it worked great!

One of the weirdest events in beekeeping this spring was on the foothills of MT Horeb ON.
Lightning struck a Birch
tree beside the White Pine that held a swarm I was called to relocate.



Season forecast for 2019 crocus

I have almost reached the number of hives that I can maintain
on my own comfortably and can keep loyal customers fulfilled high quality local honey.

Mike's Bees started beside the Black River in Sutton as a hobby and is now a self sustaining operation that sells limited and only local wildflower honey from organic sources

I also provide support for local beekeepers and artisans using beehive products for their many creations and health remedies.

When you purchase Mike's Honey you are showing support for our local bees and economy. Its pretty cool to know the bees in your garden have contributed to the honey and to the local produce in your kitchen.

Constantly upgrading to the newest technologies and beekeeping techniques has allowed me to keep prices stable for many years.


Telling the bees read about an old custom regarding bees and their human friends......



Please give me a call if you spot a swarm or need a hive removed from a structure.