Finished extracting Fall Honey after
a very busy Summer

Honey, Creamed Honey, Comb Honey, and Beeswax are ready to go

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- Local - Sustainable - Regenerative  Beekeeping


backyard hives on the Black River Sutton

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Buy Honey by the case, or pail from Mike's Honey or by the jar from the following local places.

The rewards of sustainable regenerative beekeeping practice are passed to you the honey consumer.

Gwynn at Holtrop Farms Best Local non GMO Sweet Corn available in August a short run north off the terminus of the 404 Keswick on Woodbine

Todd at Cheff Todd's Kitchen and catering

Lynne and Eric @Sutton Fruit Veg and Garden Centre on Metro RD
Elaine at the Black River Cafe in the heart of Sutton High Street
Loes + Zandra at Elmgrove Organic Farm in Elmgrove
Sally at Sharon Creek organic farms on the 2nd con Newmarketjust north of Green Lane
Dan at We Make Wine - Sutton
Danielle at Whipple Tree Country Store- Keswick South Freshco Plaza
Donah and Crew at Twig Garden Gifts Downtown Keswick

Emily @ Health Hut in Jackson's Point

Christine at Chartwell Tuck Shop Aurora
Tyssens creative collections HW 48

Fen Yeu and Yuki- Cannan Market - Virginia hw48

Nancy Spruce Hill Gardens - Pefferlaw hw48


Contactless Pickup Available



      Mike's High Voltage Hot Sauce is available again 2023 (limited supply)
Will be available from Twig Tree Gifts in Keswick and
Black River Cafe in Sutton

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    Buy Honey in Bulk from Mike's Honey

Mike's Honey was consumed to fuel champion Horse PL NOTSONICE
last summer.

Check out PL NOTSONICE's amazing track record as it annihalates a Canadian record. Runs on Mike's Honey.

A beautiful local Sunflower field at Sunset

mike's bees


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