Edible natural beeswax honey comb
        is a real Summer treat and a unique gift.

Hogg Half Comb is produced entirely in cassettes
by bees during the peak of the nectar flow in July.
Human involvement is limited to putting a lid and label on .

Thus it is the purest form of honey comb available
in a convenient cassette.


Each cassete contains approx. 450g pure unprocessed natural honey
retails for $25     or      3 for $60



Tray comb is produced by installing honey frames without
a foundation when nectar is abundant. The bees build out
their own foundation and procede to create honey comb
filled with pure natural honey. After harvest the comb is carefully sliced and placed in a tray for sales.

Each tray contains approx. 275g
of unprocessed natural honey

Retails for $12/ tray or 3 for $30



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