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Creamed Honey is ready now

email mike at for orders or queries

Best quality and prices for genuine local, raw, unpasteurized, wildflower honey.

Ask where your honey comes from ....

Honey has all been harvested/extracted and the bees are stocking their own pantry for the winter ahead.

A New Batch of CREAMED HONEY IS ON TAP and will move fast.

Buy in Bulk from Mike's Honey or by the jar from Elaine at the
Black River Cafe in Sutton - Loes at Elmgrove Farm in Elmgrove - Sally at Sharon Creek organic farms or Gwenyth at the Holtrop pumpkin patch in Keswick just off the 404.

Thanks to all the loyal customers near and far for helping to make 2020 a very good year for the bees of Georgina.
That's your bee in the flower garden!

for the science nerds out there - this is an interesting read

2020 was dumpster fire but many good things

happened too.

A beautiful local Sunflower field August 2020